Webinar: Tomorrow, May 2 at 11AM CDT. Catch up on SnapStream at NAB 2019

Webinar: Best Practices for using TV Clips in Crisis Communications. Thurs, April 20, 2017 @ 11AM CST

Webinar: Best Practices for using TV Clips in Crisis Communications. Thurs, April 20, 2017 @ 11AM CST

Broadcast TV Monitoring & Compliance

News: SnapStream Welcomes Volicon Customers

Setup Your Inputs

  • Ingest from any video source including transport stream over IP, HLS, RTMP, QAM, ATSC, SDI, ASI or baseband
  • Capture multiple program streams, audio languages, and closed caption data
  • Tune input post set-top box with IR blasting, IP tuning or serial tuning
  • Scalable SOA architecture allows for clustering of 100s of inputs in a single interface
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Plug-in less Player

  • HTML5 player interface works in all modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, MSIE, Safari)
  • Works with all modern computing device - phones, tablets, desktop/laptops
  • Multi-viewer allows you to watch multiple live or recorded programs with time synchronization
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SnapStream multiviewer
SnapStream profile settings
SnapStream input settings
SnapStream granular user permissions

Enterprise Ready

  • Proxy profiles are user configurable per input
  • LDAP (Active Directory) and SAML 2.0 (Ping, Okta) integration with granular user permissions
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Easy Clip & Share

  • Frame accurate clipping to different file formats (MP4, MOV, TS/TP, WMV)
  • Easily share clips via email

Clip directly to:

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Ooyala
  • Vimeo
  • Brightcove
  • Microsoft Azure
  • One Drive
  • Box
  • Sony Ci NEW
  • Frame.io NEW
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
Email TV clips with SnapStream
SnapStream: As-run logging

As-run Log Integration

  • Access as-run logs within the player
  • Click as-run log item to jump to that moment of the video
  • Automatic clip in/out points for easy clip creation
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SCTE-35/104 Message Logging

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  • View SCTE messages in real-time or post record
  • On screen display with countdown and message summary
  • Full message expansion and time coded player links
SCTE-35/104 message logging
SnapStream: Loudness compliance

Loudness Compliance

  • Calculations of various loudness (LKFS/LUFS) values
  • Show/hide certain graphs
  • Loudness graph integrated with player and as-run logs
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Other Monitoring & Compliance Features

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  • Nielsen ratings graph alongside player
  • On-screen audio meters with support for multichannel audio
SnapStream compliance and verification tools
Unified Multi SnapStream Interface

Unified Multi SnapStream Interface

  • Get unified view of all your SnapStreams
  • Playback, Clip or Compare in the Multi-viewer recordings from any SnapStream regardless of where they are deployed
  • Search remote SnapStreams from your local SnapStream

Powerful workflow engine

  • Workflows allow you to set up recurring, automated actions for certain recordings and clips, selected based on your filters.
SnapStream Workflow Triggers
SnapStream Workflow Filters
SnapStream Workflow Actions
SnapStream API

Customize with SnapStream's API

  • SnapStream’s API lets developers familiar with JSON Web Services deeply integrate SnapStream into your internal environment
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