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Late Night TV's Secret Weapon - SnapStream
distribute TV

Distribute TV

Connect cable, satellite, antenna, HD-SDI, IPTV, HLS, UDP or RTMP source.

Record TV

Record lots of TV and live streams

Easily record single episodes, all episodes, entire channels 24/7 plus live streams.

Search TV

Search TV like you search the internet

Search closed captioning to find any TV moment instantly (pop culture, politics, news events...).

Make unlimited TV clips

Create unlimited frame accurate TV clips

Grab and go clips make it easy to save those memorable TV moments. Set your start and end points, press clip and save or share it.

Share TV to Twitter and Facebook

Share clips to Twitter and Facebook

Create and share images, GIFs and videos. Enhance engagement with your audience by posting to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in seconds.

Share TV clips in the cloud

Live-Tweet Events

SnapStream clips are automatically uploaded to the cloud, anyone you email can watch or download the clip, from any device, from anywhere.

watch TV

Live Video Production

Deliver live events on TV over your LAN.

Live-Tweet games

Live-Tweet Events

Create and share images, GIFs and videos during your games. Enhance engagement with your audience by posting to twitter in seconds.

Case Study

Apr 20, 2017

How Organizations like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Record and Search TV

“[SnapStream] has absolutely changed the way we produce. It’s cut our production time down by about 60 or 70 percent.”
Pat King - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Learn how they find all their funny clips >>

Explore Searching TV

Watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah talk about their SnapStream setup

(1:59 min)

(February 2, 2018)

Dennis McMahon from the Daily Show with Trevor Noah talks about how they use SnapStream to record hours of TV so writers can insert TV clips in the show for various comedic segments.

Explore Searching TV

Case Studies

Feb 20, 2018

How Golf Channel Watches & Clips Live U.S. TV From Anywhere In The World

“SnapStream is a very easy product to use. It’s straightforward and simple and reliable. It just works”
- Don Browning - Senior Director of Media Services - Golf Channel

How Golf Channel watches live U.S. TV overseas >>

Explore Searching TV
Ma 4, 2016

SnapStream Gives the St. Louis Blues Social Team a Speed Upgrade

"As soon as a goal happens we can post a clip or a GIF natively to social media instantaneously."
- Matt Gardner, Senior Director of Digital Strategy

How St. Louis Blues posts clips to Twitter/FB in seconds >>

"We see it live and we immediately jump into SnapStream. It goes straight to Twitter from there in seconds."
"With SnapStream, we can get a video or GIF from TV to Twitter and Facebook in 19 seconds. Before implementing SnapStream, it took 45 minutes."

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TV Production Workflow

Setup Recordings >>

setup recordings

Single centralized appliance for recordings. Accessible to everyone in the organization (post, writers) over the LAN.

Features & Tips

SnapStream line-up

  • Ch 1 thru 1000s: DirectTV HD (Satellite) e.g. MSNBC HD, CNN HD, Fox News HD
  • Ch 2000s: Over-the-air Digital HD. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX (local)

Program guide

  • Record Always
  • Record 24x7
  • Manual recording

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Skip ahead by 12 hours (.)
  • Skip back by 12 hours (,)
  • Jump to current time (spacebar)
  • Jump to particular channel (dropdown)

TV Clip Search >>

tv clip search

SnapStream’s powerful TV search technology provides unparalleled ability to pinpoint TV clips of interest.

Features & Tips

TV search

Filter by:

  • Title (show title)
  • Date (record date)
  • Category (show genre)
  • Channel / Callsign

Other search tips

  • Boolean logic - AND, OR, NOT/-
  • Exact phrase - “”
  • Group words - ( )
  • Wildcards - (*)

Email TV alerts

  • Near realtime
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Create Clip >>

create clip

Clipping directly within SnapStream makes for an easy hand-off from post to writers and editors. No more sneakernet!

Features & Tips

Playback tips

  • Skip ahead and back (<) and="" (="">)</)>
  • Pause (spacebar)
  • Rewind - multispeed (left arrow)
  • Fast-forward - multispeed (right arrow)
  • Jump to time (jump to button)
  • Turn on closed captioning (CC button)

Creating a clip

  • Turn on clipping mode (icon in the toolbar)
  • Set clip start point (keyboard shortcut: Z)
  • Set clip end point (keyboard shortcut: X)
  • Create clip (keyboard shortcut: C)
  • Enter meta-data (also searchable)
  • Frame by frame forward and back playback

Share with Staff >>

share clip with staff

Clips can be shared in the cloud or sent as links to others within the organization. No more dubbing beta tapes!

Features & Tips

TV bookmark (Ctrl-C show url)

  • Paste into email (Ctrl-V)
  • Viewer needs SnapStream Web player

Conference room screen

  • Access using a Web browser or by clicking a shared link

Cloud sharing

  • Clips can be easily shared in the cloud and can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Final Cut Pro / Avid >>

Export clip to Final Cut Pro or Avid

Options for import include file-based or HD-SDI playout to ensure high-quality (HD) video.

Features & Tips

Playout using over HD/SDI & ingest

  • Web interface for playout
  • Recommend SnapStream HD/SDI Node


File-based: Open H.264 in FCP/Avid timeline

  • May require audio transcode
  • Recommend SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node for transcoding to H.264