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Social TV Dashboard

Social TV Dashboard

Approve Facebook Posts

Approve Tweets and Facebook Posts

Schedule Facebook Posts

Step 1: Press "queue" for your new post.

Schedule Tweets and Facebook Posts

Step 2: In the Social section, click your post to expand the content and press "edit." You'll have the option to schedule the day and time you want the post to go live.

Schedule Tweets and Facebook Posts
Set permissions for social

Control Permissions

  • Make an approval process for your social team with user permissions.
  • Set user permissions for who can post to Facebook, Twitter & YouTube - and in what capacity.
  • Example: Create a group for Interns and queue all their outgoing content for approval.
  • Admins can manage social content in the dashboard, ignoring any user-specific privacy limitations. NEW

Post Performance

Facebook PerformanceMore Facebook stats

Cross-Post between Facebook & Twitter

Cross-post betweet Twitter and FacebookCross-post betweet Twitter and Facebook

Facebook Video with Captions

SnapStream TV Show with Captions → Facebook TV Clip with Captions

Facebook Video with CaptionsFacebook Video with Captions

Auto-Complete & Tagging

  • As you type, auto-complete suggests the right #hashtags & Facebook Pages to tag in your posts.
  • Tagging the right @usernames and #trending topics ensures your posts perform at their best.
Auto-complete usernames and hashstags for Facebook

Social TV Cheat Sheet

Social Cheat Sheet

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