SnapStream TV Set-Top Box

SnapStream TV Set-Top Box

Working as an accessory to your SnapStream server or SnapStream Cloud, you can centrally control 100s or 1000s of SnapStream TV Set-Top Boxes and watch live & recorded TV on any TV in the classroom, office, or conference room.

SnapStream tv recording software options

Easy To Use

Simply connect the HDMI output on your SnapStream TV Set-Top Box to your TV and connect to your network.

Use the included remote to access live and recorded TV through SnapStream with the click of a button.

Live TV

Distribute live video throughout your organization, whether it's breaking news on broadcast TV or a custom in-house channel.

example TV channels to record
SnapStream program guide

Recorded TV

Watch any recording from your SnapStream server on your TV.

View recordings by series, folders, channels, clips, or metadata tags.

Centrally managed & Controlled

The SnapStream server or SnapStream Cloud can centrally control 100s or 1000s of SnapStream TV Set-Top Boxes all from the Web interface. You can filter and search SnapStream Set-Top Boxes by serial number, group and name.

SnapStream Set-Top Box centrally controlled
SnapStream TV Set-Top Box back

Will it work with your SnapStream Setup?

The SnapStream TV Set-Top Box only works with H.264 live & recorded video. If you're already using the SnapStream Encoders, you're all set. For customers recording in MPEG-2, you need to switch to H.264. For more information on this, see our guide to recording TV in H.264.

What are the specifications for the SnapStream TV Set-Top Box?


2.0GHz Octa Core CPU


RJ45 100/1000M Ethernet Interface

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wireless

HDMI 1.4 Output

Up to 4K UHD Display Resolution


IR Remote


6.6" x 5.2" x 0.8"