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Ditch that stack of DVRs

The perfect solution for coaches, scouts, sports directors and recruiting officials.

SnapStream Mointoring for Sports
Record TV

Record lots of TV at once

Record any number of channels at once and be sure to grab everything from your teams, as well as your competition.

Search TV

Search game footage like you search the internet

Search TV like you search the internet and find every touchdown, goal, catch and fumble.

Make unlimited TV clips

Make unlimited TV clips

Grab and go clips make it easy to save those winning moments. Set your start- and end-points, press clip and save or share it.

Share TV clips in the cloud

Share your clips in the cloud

SnapStream clips are automatically uploaded to the cloud, anyone you email can watch or download the clip, from any device, from anywhere.

TV email alerts

Alerts for TV mentions of your team, players and coaches

Easily share TV clips with anyone inside or outside of your organization with cloud sharing.

Live-Tweet games

Live-Tweet Games

Create and share images, GIFs and videos during your games. Enhance engagement with your fans by posting to Twitter in seconds.

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Case Studies

Feb 20, 2018

How Golf Channel Watches & Clips Live U.S. TV From Anywhere In The World

“SnapStream is a very easy product to use. It’s straightforward and simple and reliable. It just works”
- Don Browning - Senior Director of Media Services - Golf Channel

How Golf Channel watches live U.S. TV overseas >>

Explore Searching TV
Ma 4, 2016

SnapStream Gives the St. Louis Blues Social Team a Speed Upgrade

"As soon as a goal happens we can post a clip or a GIF natively to social media instantaneously."
- Matt Gardner, Senior Director of Digital Strategy

How St. Louis Blues posts clips to Twitter/FB in seconds >>

"We see it live and we immediately jump into SnapStream. It goes straight to Twitter from there in seconds."
"With SnapStream, we can get a video or GIF from TV to Twitter and Facebook in 19 seconds. Before implementing SnapStream, it took 45 minutes."
The City of Miami PD

Learn how the St. Louis Blues increased Twitter engagement using SnapStream.

Share TV to Twitter & Facebook

  • Tweet and reply to fans with GIFs and images from live games.
  • Deliver the best engagement by posting to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Download clips for Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Clip and post TV game clips directly to Facebook pages.
Share TV on Twitter