Webinar: Air Checks and Ad Verification with SnapStream. Wednesday, February 15, 2017 @ 1PM CST

Air-checks + Ad Verification + Social + Competitive Analysis

SnapStream: TV Airchecks + Competitive Intelligence
Compliant with FCC regulations


Archive recordings for TV airchecks, allowing you to monitor broadcasts and stay compliant with FCC regulations.

SnapStream Multi-Viewer

Competitive Intelligence:

Analyze your broadcasts and your competitor's broadcasts side by side with the Multi-Viewer.

Ad verification

Ad Delivery Verification:

Deliver fast and high-quality ad verification (proof of performance). Easily send commercial clips to customers.

Post TV to Twitter and Facebook

Social TV:

Easily post GIFs, TV clips, and images from your broadcasts and post to Twitter & Facebook for increased engagement.

Email alert for breaking news

Email Alerts:

Set email alerts for keywords like "breaking news" to see what your competitors are reporting on.

Self-service TV clips

Self-Service TV Clips:

Eliminate the need for clip requests. Easily used by sales, marketing & management - no engineering resources required!

Wondering How Much?

Download the full pricing sheet.

SnapStream Replaces

SnapStream replaces VCRs and VHS tapes for station airchecks.
We work alongside your existing technologies like Volicon and Digital Nirvana.

SnapStream replaces VCRs and VHS tapes

SnapStream helps TV station gain competitive edge


KHOU-TV, Houston’s CBS affiliate uses SnapStream’s DVR technology to reduce the use of VCRs and VHS tapes for airchecks, gain competitive intelligence, and deliver fast and high-quality ad verification.

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